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Glorious Overmatch

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I was about six months into this game many moons ago before it sunk in (literally and figuratively) about "overmatch".  Initially, whenever I heard the term in WOWS, I thought it was being used in general terms to describe one ship that was better than another ship.  It took a while before I realized that WOWS "overmatch" is a TECHNICAL term with a very SPECIFIC characteristic.  For anyone reading this who has yet to discover the technical side of overmatch, I refer you to search and/or the wiki page on WOWS.  I'm here to show an overmatch situation that came up in a purely serendipitous manner.  I didn't plan on it.  It didn't even cross my mind until all of a sudden... it was was there...right in front of me...literally. 

Back story.  Two brothers battle.  I'm pushing on the west side, when I get focused and have to retreat to heal.  While retreating, two ships are spotted running the channel.  I'm on a good vector to intercept and basically continue my "retreat" into a defensive position.  I know one ship is a full health NY, and I'm down to 75% health.  I can't rush back and give him my broadside, so I angle away for a potential run and gun defense.  HIs supporting CA is weak and taken out quickly.  So the meat of the engagement was me at 75% health vs a NY at nigh full health.  I figured I was in a good position in general as I watched to see what he did.  At that point, he went bow on and stopped.

It was at this juncture that my brain synapses go OVERMATCH!  The glorious part of this is he had no where to go.  I was angled away, which took the ram option away.  And backing up in a NY...well, if you've ever done that, you know that option wasn't really much of an option; he did back up some.  I was not only angled with all eight guns on him, but my flanks were totally clear enabling me to just camp the positions (with a little bit of WASD to mess with his aim).  And it stayed this way for several minutes.  Four 14 inch salvos from the NY bouncing on my 25mm armor...Eight 15 inch salvos pen'ing his 19mm bow armor as if it didn't exist ("technically, it didn't).  At the end of the engagement, the score was 42K damage delivered by QE...and 4K damage delivered by the NY.

In all my games, I've achieved overmatch here and there, often in fleeting engagements...but never like this.



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