Hello everyone and welcome to the Steel Dragons Fleet Recruitment Depot   Teamspeak Info: Forums: https://steeldragonsfleet.enjin.com/   LOYALTY. COURAGE. INTEGRITY.   We at Steel Dragons are looking to build a competitive clan as well as being available for the more casual type players who want the best of both worlds! Also having a good time with the clan.   What does Steel Dragons have to offer to the player who wishes to join?   Active Leadership Clan Battles Clan Forums Teamspeak 3 Fun Community Opportunities to grow within the Fleet Leadership Opportunities. Divisions and Operations   We always do Operations and we always play together in divisions. We play together and train together. We do them any day of the week at any given time. Want to do operations? Let us know and we’ll do them! :)   Want to do division battles? Don’t be afraid to ask! We can play ANY Tier. I mean it.   We also have a pretty well developed Naval Base too. Down below are the current active benefits.   -10% Cost to research of Tier 5 to Tier 8 Ships -10% Cost to the servicing of Battleships, Carriers, Destroyers and Cruisers! +3% more XP earned per battle for ALL NATIONS   Current People in clan: 24/40       We at Steel Dragons also have requirements to join our ranks. Even though we’re a family here, there are still requirements for our main fleet.   Must be 18 years old or older to join. Note, we do recruit 17 year olds under agreed terms. Must have Teamspeak 3 to join. I’m sorry, there are NO Exceptions around that. Be Active 3 to 4 days a week. 3 being the bare minimum. We keep a close eye on activity. Must be active on Teamspeak as well. Must have a Tier 7 Ship of any class or higher!   These are simple and easy requirements. :)       Want to join Steel Dragons? Poke any of my Chain of Command or join our TS Server!   Fleet CO: DevilFreak_ Fleet XO: Kad2Dude Fleet XO: N1te Sr. Combat Officer: Deevil Combat Officer: Hungariantank123 Captain: FortKnox101 Lieutenant: Nazrhat   Hope to see you soon!   -Steel Dragons Chain of Command