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Clan Battle Camo Reference/Free XP Optimizer

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Clan Battles are a great time to grind Free XP, Commander XP, and Credits, but *ESPECIALLY* Free XP.

Many players have a plethora of camos in their inventories and just take a stab in the dark at which one yields the most return when choosing one. 


Let's eliminate that guesswork with Doc's Clan Battle Camo Reference/Free XP Optimizer!


All numbers are based on 2500 base XP and 300,000 credits earned for winning a CB match. However, this information is really applicable at any tier if used to compare one camo to another, relatively speaking. 

Don't forget to stack XP and Free XP flags for maximum results! ~16,000 Free XP *PER GAME* is achievable with the right combinations of camos and flags! 



(I did this at work and probably won't have time to double-check my numbers until much later, so if you see a mistake, feel free to let me know!)



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Been using the Conqueror to farm it in randoms, fantastic stuff.

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Don't forget to factor in the +250% Free XP bonus from the repeatable mission. I'd also add columns for what you get with stacked econ flags, since the relative ranking of camos changes quite drastically (see post linked in my sig).

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