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One RNG at a time for aircraft?

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I engage the exact number of fighters I have over friendly ships with decent AA at tier 5 over a tier 6 ship. I get murdered like I was in open ocean or better yet over enemy ships. Is it because when I’m locked up with enemy fighters there’s only 1 RNG factor being calculated? 


I know ichase (?) or someone else recently did an RNG test of fighters but don’t recall that it was tested over ships. Is there a chance that it doesn’t matter if you engage over friendlies?


thanks in advance for input. 

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I think AA RNG is calculated on an individual basis, so the DPM is not added together, but all AA sources make their own checks. So if you're over a stock Omaha, you might as well be over open ocean unless his check gets super lucky.

Or to rephrase, any AA that can shoot is shooting, but they don't work together.

Don't quote me on this, I'm unsure if I've understood AA.

Anything is better than nothing.

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