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Tales from the DogPound: Episode 9

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Tales from the DodPound.

th?id=OIP.MXMgdF73wP1T5ujAOsl2_wHaFj&pid   I slept at the end of Lester's bed that night. Checked on him constantly. I woke up the next morning and he's up and about. "Cat, dude you ok?" "I'm a cat, got nine lives. I'm fine." he says as he walks away. I'm wagging my tail, happy being a dog and all. I'm licking him and just so happy my buddy is still with me. "Captain, Ghost, I'm ok" he says.

   I'm summoned by the Captain to his ward room by an ensign. I go down to the meeting at the appropriate time. The captain goes over the statistics from the previous day. I'm trying not to pee in the chair they have pulled up for me. I listen to all the reports. The staggering losses we took and all and not just to our ship. The meeting is closed and everyone leaves. I hop off the chair and walk through one of the bulkhead doors onto the deck. I sit and stare at the ocean and the other ships.

  I feel so inadequate. I want., need to do something, anything. But hell I'm just a dog with a "paper title". Six months ago I going to be put down. I ain't done jack crapexcept run around and bark encouragement. I feel my so called confidence slipping away.

   Sitting there brooding in my pity party when Captain Comstock comes up to me and kneels down. "Captain Ghost." I stop him "I'm not a Captain sir, I'm petrified and scared. We broke out of a dogpound because of me, that's it. I had grand illusions of being a leader. I'm not."

   Captain Comstock looks out at the ocean for a long time and puts his hand on me. "Ghost, it's normal to be scared and afraid. It's how you handle it. You have to gather your fears and doubts and channel them." "Leaders aren't really born. They accept a responsibility when thrust upon them." "You step up and do your best to your ability."

   "Your dogs and Lester obviously see this in you." he says. "You have led them and have organized yourselves."

He's looking at me in that crusty old smile. I like this guy. "Captain, no disrespect Sir, but do you feel fear and doubt?" I ask.

   He bends over laughing. " Ghost, every [edited] day son."

He quits laughing, turns and look at me and says "We need to get you a ship to prove yourself. You and that motley crew of dogs and Lester. " "A ship" I say.

 'OK. not a ship, but how about a PT boat for starters." I've never heard of them. "What's it like?" I ask. "Well it's fast, small, illusive, has torps....." Very dangerous assignment he says.

I'm hooked. Captain Comstock tells me to put together list of crew members that I want and he would submit it to the Commanding Admiral.

   Went to check on the cat. He was doing real good. Good to see my friend. "Ghost what's up?" "Lester we are getting our own ship." "Well not really a ship but a boat of our own."

   "What kind of boat?" " A PT" I say. "Ghost a PT boat takes extreme skill and courage to drive. You have any idea what it is? "No, not really." He gets up and stretches 'Well Ghost it looks we got some training to do."




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