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Captain's Skills in Tier IV-VI USN dds

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Got my MOJO back in the Clemson (thanks all for the help) and tonight I have my very first 15 point Captain of the game (whoop, whoop!).  She's a beast, but I'm thinking that those points would be better served in a higher tiered ship.  Here's what I have right now:

Ship                   Captain's Points                     Comments

Clemson           15                                             A beast of a ship now.  My go-to when I need a good game

Nicholas           11                                             My least favorite of my USN dds.  I probably haven't given here enough of a shot (I did grind to an 11 pt, but used Free Experience to get there)

Farragut              6                                            Newish to this ship.  I am enjoying playing her but I do feel overmatched in Random play

Here's my questions: 1)should I put my 15 pt captain in the Farragut?  If I do, what mix of captain's skills makes sense now that AA is more of an issue?, 2) If I want to keep my 15 pt captain in the Clemson, how about switching the Nicks captain with the Farragut's? Same question as before but with an 11 pt captain, 3) In general, do you guys tend to have your highest point captains in your highest tiered ships?

My highest tiered IJN captain is in my highest tiered ship (Fabuki) and I'm enjoying her a bunch.  I'm having a little trouble giving up my Clemson captain now that I feel comfortable.

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Currently have a 17 point captain in Langley. I also have a 14 point captain in Mikasa, and other such in other low tier ships. I think my Wyoming captain is the same one that has always been in that ships, since I got it way back in late 2015.

Leave your captains where you feel they are best used.

No reason to move them up unless you need to sell lower tiered ship to open up credits and/or port slots.

If you are learning how to use a ship type/class well, skill points are meaningless to an extent.

Most extreme example of this is what I did in Colorado.

On a dare, I started Colorado with a ZERO point captain. Love the ship. Never really had any trouble with it.

Captain is now 13-14 points, and the ship has a 60-ish% WR.

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Disclaimer: it's been ages since I played Nicholas or Farragut.

Generally speaking, I like to move my best captain down the line as I unlock new ships, but I also tend to sell off the old ships unless I really love playing them.  The thing is, though, unless you're willing/able to spend the gold for instant retraining, moving a 15+ point captain means a lengthy retraining period where his skills will be diminished.  At this point, given that you're probably going to be keeping the Clemson, I'd go ahead and keep that captain where he is.  I would, however, move the Nicholas captain up to the Farragut with the intention of moving him on to Mahan once you unlock her.  FWIW, many people do consider the Nicholas to be the lowlight of the USN DD line, so your struggles in her aren't exactly unusual.

With every US destroyer from Nicholas on, your first captain skills are going to be PM, LS, and CE in the 1, 2, and 4-point lines respectively.  Actually, that's true of any destroyer, save for the Soviets.  You get a bit of leeway at this point when it comes to the 3-point skill, but by the time you get to Benson you want to have SE on your captain for sure.  For the first 3-point skill on Farragut I'd recommend BFT...the gun calibers stay low enough all the way through to benefit from the increased firing rate, and at higher tiers the AA boost will be helpful as well.  Other skills you can look at getting when you pass the 13-point mark would include AR, SI, TAE (some people scoff at this one, but with the excellent torpedoes you get at T8+ I think it's well worth it), DE, and PT.  Many people like to go with RPF, but I'm pretty strongly of the opinion that those 4 points can be better spent elsewhere.  Vigilance is another popular choice, but I feel like experience will help you dodge far more torpedoes at high tiers than vigilance will.  EM isn't really needed on USN destroyers as your turret rotation is already great, and AFT isn't much of a help due to the floaty shells (which you'll be getting all the way up through Gearing).

My Gearing captain (17 points) runs PM, LS, SE, TAE, BFT, and CE right now, and that combination works very well for me.  I haven't firmly decided on the "final" build, but at this point I'm leaning toward adding DE; the other option would be AR + PT.

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1)  a) I like to keep moving captains up lines and retrain new ones in the older ships I want to keep. I'm keeping the older ships because I like playing them so they will eventually train a captain up, and I want the best captain at the highest tier at the end. Also in general it is safer/less bad to have a low skilled captain in a low tier ship vs a high tier ship (higher tier = higher skilled captains you will run into).

      b) http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000011000011000000000119 is what I pick for my first 15 points on tier 4-6 USN DDs. At tier 7 I might chose Survivability Expert over Basic Firing Training, and at tier 8 definitely SE over BFT.

2) Same as above, but dropping Basic Firing Training and Adrenaline Rush. I would pick up AR at 12 points.

3) My highest tier captains move up with the ship line that I am going up. If I keep a ship on the journey to T10 then he gets a new captain. 


Looking at your descriptions/thoughts on the ships I would suggest that the captains end up as:

Clemson: 11 or 15

Nicholas: 6

Farragut: 11 or 15

This is because the 10 point barrier is very important due to getting Concealment Expert. 

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