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Are servers unplayble right now?

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Has to be on your end, because I'm not having any issues.  Currently logged in at the moment.:cap_hmm:

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Not working very well for me. Every time I switch shell types or select torpedoes it lock up and won't take any keyboard or mouse inputs. VERY frustrating. Sometimes is gives me back control after 30 seconds or so, other times it never does and I have to use task manager to close the unresponsive game.


In attempt to fix this problem I have: used the launcher file checker (didn't work), started in safe mode (didn't work), restarting my computer ( didn't work, starting to see a pattern?), and even tried reinstalling the game (still didn't work).


I have no more ideas. :Smile_sad: The only ships I can successfully play are BBs that don't really have to ever change shell types.

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