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Error 316925

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Hadn't played in a couple weeks, went into the game tonight (Feb 8) and played one battle....then got kicked out.  Tried to come back in several times (even with rebooting the computer) and am getting this message each time "World of WarShips, 316925 has stopped working."

Anyone else seen this or know what to do?  I've been able to play with no issues for over a year and this is the first time. I have Windows 8.1.


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316925 might be your client number. 

I had a similar issue with a different number the other day. And I've been plagued with dropped connections which I don't recall happening in the past; at least at the same frequency of occurrences. 

Usually for me closing the application and reopening tends to work if I'm unable to get passed the login screen it normally kicks me out to. 

I'd guess it's has to do with issues with the new Steam compatibility. But I wouldn't know.

But yeah just close App then log back in. Hopefully not too much have of the match has passed AND your ship is still there. 

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Happens to me too with the same error number. Then you are out of the game with your ship doing whatever it decides I guess. We should get a credit for those times.  :-)


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