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macOS 10.13 High Sierra and 32-bit App Phase Out

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In iOS 11 HIGH SIERRA, 32-bit apps cannot be installed or launched. Attempting to open a non-supported 32-bit app gives a message notifying users that the app needs to be updated before it can run on iOS 11. 

I am running WoWS Ver 2.0.16 (2.0.16) on a 64 bit iMac and have confirmed via my iMac System Info that WoWS is a 32-bit app.

Before I "upgrade" to HIGH SIERRA, I would like to confirm with you WoWS Mac wrapper types that WoWS will still continue to be supported given the Apple announcement.  OR, will a 64 bit version be released, and if so, when might that be expected.

Cant Spock

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