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DeploreForce (DEPFO) We are a newly created group of longtime friends looking to expand our circle to anyone who would like to play with us and join our community. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me. Also we are looking to make a server for our community so we are open to suggestions on what this server may be, so that is all for now.


: Requirements 1). be active.

2). have a microphone

3).Active on Discord at least twice a week

4).18 +  we are a mature group most thing talked about are not g rated

5). T3-T7 ships required 

6). what we will discourage 1. Not playing the objective(s) 2. Lone wolf, YOLO'r, sniper, island hugger, line humper, chat spammer, squirrel chaser, TK'ing, TROLL, windowlicker, 







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