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What are the chances for the containers?

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With the French container thing coming, what are the actual chances of getting the mission in the container? 

Plus, I don't even know the chances for the super container.

please comment down below to let me know, thank you, commander! 

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WG doesn't give out that information, and none of us have seen them.  I'm gonna toss out a WAG ("wild-*** guess") and predict the chance for mission drop to be about 15-20%.  I think that'd be enough so that if you are decently active you'll have a good shot at getting one or two, and if you're hardcore you will probably get all 4 missions.

As for supercontainers, there are no official numbers but the estimates range from 1/2% to 1% if you are using the Try Your Luck option, and half that for standard drops.

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These aren't daily containers & have no options to choose "Try Your Luck" or any of the other options that daily containers have. 

These are specific for this collection & are earned upon the completion of the missions (no matter where your daily XP is at) at the time the missions are completed.

There are no "super container" options w/these...each container will give you 3 guaranteed items-camos/signals/1 collection item-& "a chance" to get a mission to receive 1 of the 4 ships. There are 25 possible containers you can obtain for free (so far...weather there will be a "part 2" w/more chances is vaguely hinted at) & you can purchase as many as you want (I assume...haven't checked the details on that as I have no $ to purchase any).

The camos & flags vary between the free & premium (purchased) containers but the single collection item & chance for missions are the same...1 item in each & 1 chance/container to get a ship earning mission.

If you have received any of the Bismarck collection containers they have been passing out for 4 winning battles lately...these are like those...separate containers earnable in addition to the 3 daily containers.

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