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Tales from the DogPound: Episode 7

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Recap from the previous episode All dogs deployed to ships in Galveston Bay. Lester (the cat) and myself aboard the BB Texas.


   I'm having nice dreams. I'm chasing my tail, fetching tennis balls, eating bacon. Sitting in front of a fireplace licking a beer can on Christmas eve as my master opens his presents. I stretch and yawn half asleep. All of a sudden a loud, overbearing noise is ringing in my ears. It sounds like some type of alarm. I hear men yelling and running down the hall in front of my room. I jump my butt out of bed and shake off the sleep. Open the door to my cabin just as Lester does.

  " What the hell Ghost?" he says. "Don't know, lets get topside" I say. We run with crew members down the hallway trying to not get stepped on. Alarms are going off, I'm petrified. I miss a step and plow right into the corner of a bulkhead. One guy steps on my tail and another my leg as they run through the outer doors onto the deck. Captain Ghostdog can't even get muster to general quarters. "Crap" I tell myself, get up."

   Klaxons are going off, men are running everywhere as I limp on deck and look around. Lester is beside me petrified. "Ghost what now?" "Hell Lester I don't know" I say. "Stick with me ok."

   At that moment a message is sent "Men, battle stations, this is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill." Holy [edited] I think. This is the Gulf of Mexico. Enemy ships in the Gulf?

  Captain comes on the pipe as the crew get to battle stations. "To all stations and crew of the Texas. It would appear that the enemy chose an inappropriate place for a battle. Intelligence has us against us a U-boat and 2 Cruisers. But we got backup steaming to our assistance." "We hold off the cruisers while the destroyers move into position boys, Captain out,"

   We sail straight towards the Cruisers zip sagging. The DDs catch up and start hunting the sub. Methodically going over their grids. And then I see the flash of guns on the horizon from two small grey ships. They are shooting at me and my friends. Now as a dog I've been shot at with BB guns and slingshots but NEVER German cruisers. I start barking encouragement meant to the crew. Cat's doing the same except in his way.

   Grey cruisers split and tried an enveloping fire on us. We had shells landing all over us. We took out the Spee and later picked up survivors. DDs got the U-boat. Other Cruiser turned and left.

   My first taste of battle. Felt so overwhelmed. These guys are heroes. Months ago I was in a dogpound. Cat comes up to me and says "Ghost, the Captain would like a word with you." "With me? "Yes Sir" he says. Cat's not himself I can see. "Lester, you ok?" I ask. He looks at me and says "Ghost today I feel good. I'm hurt, I'm burned, my ears are ringing and I need to crap. Think I'll go to my room, hit the litter box and eat my tuna fish sir."



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