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Premium Camo

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I'm looking at the HareKaze camoflauge, cost about 19 bucks.   But there is NOTHING about what it does, or how to use it.   

What are the bonues?  

How would would I apply this camo?

Can I apply it to any ship I want? 

Can I demount it and move it to other ships?


So much of what you guys sell on the premium shop lacks vital information. 

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8 minutes ago, Kapitan_Wuff said:

Pretty sure all the info is in the premium shop.


Not in the purchasing screen Kap.



Permanent Camo is worthwhile on higher tier ships which you intend to use a lot as it can't be transferred.   On lower tier ships the economy and XP requirements are a lot easier so buying camo does not give as bigger benefit. However if you find a ship you love by all means get it. 

You can get one time use camouflages from crates and doing missions etc. which give you the similar benefits and you can also buy (for silver) camo which give you the basics like better concealment and making your harder to hit.




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