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Hardy-Class Battleship (Fiction)

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The Hardy-Class battleships were super dreadnoughts built for the Royal [Redacted] Navy and launched between 1915 and 1918. The ships were built after the remaining three ships of the Villeneuve-class battleships were cancelled in favour of the more powerful Hardy class after only Villeneuve was built. The three ship of the class were named Hardy, Bullen, and Rotheram.




Specifications (as built):

Four screws with single rudder

Speed: 26 knots designed (Hardy only managed 24.8 knots, while Bullen and Rotheram made 27.1 and 26.4 knots, respectively)

10 000 km operational range



343mm belt, tapering to 229mm at fore and aft

220mm armour above belt

105mm deck armour, tapering to 50mm at fore and aft

343mm turret faces

305mm turret sides

152mm turret roof

283mm turret rear

320mm barbettes

100mm barbette roofs

305mm conning tower sides

152mm conning tower roof

203mm rear conning tower sides

120mm rear conning tower roof

120mm secondary casemates

60mm torpedo bulkhead

Superstructure, bow and stern not armoured



4x2 381mm L/45 guns

16x1 152mm L/45 guns

12x1 76mm L/60 guns (dual purpose)


Anti-aircraft Armament:

7x1 12.7mm machine guns

2x2 7.62mm machine guns


The Hardy class battleships were armed with the same guns as those on Villeneuve. The 381mm guns were fitted in larger turrets, increasing the rate of fire to about 2.4 rounds per minute.
Like Villeneuve, the Hardy class battleships were not armed with torpedo tubes.


In 1931,  the  Fifth Battleship Squadron (Hardy (flagship), Bullen, Rotheram, Villeneuve) recieved a major refit, rebuilding the superstructure and significantly improving the anti-aircraft defences of the four ships.

The ships recieved radar and improved fire control.

The twelve 76mm guns were removed and replaced with two dual 120mm guns.

The ships also lost their machine guns, which were replaced with thirty single 20mm Oerlikon guns and eight dual 40mm Bofors guns.



The Hardy class battleships, like Villeneuve, were fitted with an aircraft hangar and a catapult launching to the sides. The ships each recieved two small biplanes of the same model as those on Villeneuve for artillery spotting and scouting, although they could mount two depth charges or four rockets under the wings to attack ships or submarines. Depth charges and rockets for the aircraft were initially stored within the aircraft hangar, but they were moved under the armoured deck after gunfire from a destroyer detonated the depth charges and rockets on board Bullen during the battle of [Redacted], heavily damaging her.


The ships were slowed down by the refit (Hardy 24.4 knots, Bullen 26.8, Rotheram 25.7) and sat lower in the water, which meant that two of the Bofors mounts were often inoperable in heavy seas.




I hate drawing the rudder...

Villeneuve was drawn on a 1000x500 canvas with 72 pixels per inch. I decided that was too small to include much detail and made a bigger canvas. I think I went to far (2300x810 with 256 pixels per centimetre), considering that I only ended up using about half of it.


I'm going for battleships right now because I know what to name them. I've got naming conventions down for battleships and aircraft carriers, but I have two light cruiser designs and a heavy cruiser design lying around because I don't have a clue how to name them. Geographical locations are out of the question since I'm not involved enough with Nationstates to think up any locations (gigantic clump of islands for sure though).

I haven't actually drawn any of the cruiser designs, but I know what they would look like because they are what I call "first generation" ships, or ships that I first built in Warship Craft (mobile game). Villeneuve and Hardy are "second generation", because I didn't build them in Warship Craft and just drew them up.

Here are the cruiser designs that I need names for:


The second light cruiser replaces one turret and funnel with an aircraft catapult

Light cruiser 1 placeholder name: Arakawa

Light cruiser 2 placeholder name: no name, but Forestall pops into my head whenever I think about it for some reason



So many AA guns, I know

Heavy cruiser placeholder name: Takachi

(I used Japanese naming conventions to give them placeholder names [Wikipedia list of rivers and mountains)

What kind of naming conventions can I use for cruisers and destroyers?


Villeneuve and to some extent Hardy was influenced by Revenge, and Hardy's bow was influenced by Kongo.




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1,268 posts
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