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Not able to play World of Warships on Linux

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   I'm your average, typical gamer who doesn't know how to code. That's where my problem starts. In 2016 I used PlayonLinux to install WoWS. It worked perfectly. Two months later my game started to crash. I reinstalled, it worked fine. I started to have crashes again, not regularly but not enough to have another reinstall. I was getting tired of the grind so I got rid of WoWS and made way for a new game. I thought I'd come back later. Then 5.11 came out. I tried to reinstall because I missed WoWS and the game I had was pretty boring. But it said that it couldn't install because it had the wrong install file. I did some research and I found that in 5.11 Wargaming moved the files, so I was unable to access. I tried an alternative installer that had the right files but it didn't let me launch the game. Waste of 10 GB. I ended up getting a new hardrive because I ran out of space. If any of you would help me with this I'd really appreciate it, or if WG has the PlayonLinux devs fix it that'd be really helpful. I tried to run my own install using bash but like I said, I don't know how to code.

     I am a ten year Linux user, I'm not about to switch to Windows. Just to get that out of the way. In spite of that I don't know how to use bash.

A special request to any Wargaming dev who reads this. I love your game, please fix this. There are quite a few people who would love to play your game but remain on the sidelines watching youtube because they don't know how to get the game working.

Ways to fix.

(1. Move the download files to the original location so PlayonLinux users can access it.

(2. Provide a Linux WoWs installer like War Thunder.

(3. Give the players an alternative linux installer.

(4. Have the PoL devs fix the problem.

If anyone knows an alternative for PoL let me know.

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