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A Historical Campaign Game Mode in WOWs

Historical Campaigns to World of Warships  

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  1. 1. Would you appreciate it if Wargaming added Historical Campaigns to World of Warships?

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This was an idea that a friend and I came up with recently: What if Wargaming added a Historical Campaign Mode to World of Warships?


What I'm imagining is:

  1. You could access after you have reached an appropriate profile level (just to make sure you know what you're doing).
  2. You can choose different historical campaigns (Wars or significant events) i.e: The Russo-Japanese war, The British WW1 campaign, the German WW2 campaign, etc
  3. Once you've selected the campaign you wish to play, you're moved to a port - different from your Multiplayer port. One that reflects the Campaign and nation chosen. (Scapa Flow, Pearl Harbor, Kiel, etc)
  4. The initial Battles only allow you to play low-tier, un-upgraded ships. But as you progress through the campaign you can advance to better ships and better equipment (tied to historical accuracy).
  5. Battles are built to match historical ship formations and routes and are populated by bots (except for the player & friends on his team).
  6. If the player manages to achieve victory in a greater-than-historical manner, then better ships or equipment could be unlocked earlier in the campaign. (Awesome victories lead to radar getting introduced earlier... or the Montana being available by the time of the Philippine Sea battles.)
  7. Likewise, if the player manages a weaker victory, or even a defeat (where historically there was victory) then ships & tech are delayed to later in the war.

I've found myself during games day-dreaming about how cool it would be to be the Washington firing on the Kirishima (with radar :D) during the night battle at Guadalcanal, or to be in the Bismark, trying to break away into the Atlantic, or the Musashi trying to push into the Philippines. The multiplayer games are fun... but it gets tiring when some of our less mature players lose their minds in chat over the smallest things. It would be nice to fight alongside friends, and see if we could do better than history.

Wargaming, you already have the ship models, the game physics, and the ability to make complicated missions. Could you please make some historical gaming for us? I'll bet it would be something you could sell!


Does anyone know how to get this idea to WG?

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