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Kings of the Sea V

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We will sweep em next year,,,, Alien intervention or something like that,,,

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Our boys did great out there.The faced tough opposition and did their best, people shouldn't belittle the the skill and dedication it took to get Top 3 on NA. Hats off to O7, PSV and ZR.

It was definitely fun being a referee and wanna thank all the teams that registered and played. 

Hopefully we can get more support from WGNA for the next round and get back up like the EU guys do.

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I think the meta is different in EU, it is a slightly higher standard of game play and team work is a little better across randoms.  Although I think the player base in EU in terms of skill is diminishing whether that's a lack of education available or just more casual gaming I don't know.   It was unfortunate that O7 didn't have a plan B and were unable to change tactics, I am sure next tournament will be closer and the NA teams will be better prepared, lots of EU players play on NA so the ping isn't a problem.

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