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Stuck in the Battle Loading Screen

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So this is a bit of an odd one...

I login, grab the love of my life (aka minotaur), get ready to melt some ships, and click "Battle".  Normal right?  I get through the battle queue without a problem, then start loading the battle.  Time to check out the competition.  Man, it seems like this is taken a long time.  Take a look at the timer, realize that it's just about to hit zero, then it does, and disappears. And I'm still stuck in the battle loading screen. Hmmm, odd. I wait.....and wait some more.  Still can't get into the actual battle.

From the battle loading screen, I can tab through to "Mission", "Team Members", "Tips", and "Divisions".  From the Missions tab I can sort of watch the battle (through the mini-maps there), and I can even add myself to a division under that tab.  But I'm never able to enter the battle!

I've closed the client down, and restarted to see if that would end me up in the battle, but no dice. Back to the same battle loading screen.  I can't do anything until the battle ends, and I end up back in port.

Any ideas? This has gone on for the last two days, and is costing my silver (not to mention the flags and camo's) as I'm appearing AFK.  I'm sure my karma has taken a beating as well..

It's happened in everything from a T3 US cruiser, up to T10 Minotaur. Clean install, no addons.

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Yes this happens alot but WG doesn't seem to respond to it.

They will claim its your comp or internet.

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