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Returning player on Windows 10

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Hi folks:

I first played this game quite a bit back in 2015/16, and recently decided to return.  However, I've run into some snags.  I go to https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/game/ to download the installer, but it won't launch; gives an error saying "This app can't run on your PC" (even in compatibility mode).  Seems they're pushing for us to download it from the Microsoft Store, which I did.  But then they force you to authenticate using your Microsoft account, meaning I can't log in using my original account (this one).  I've also tried the Steam version, which also forces you to authenticate via Steam.

How can I return to my original account?  I had quite a bit of playtime, and a lot of stuff unlocked; I'm not about to start completely over.

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@Actionsdower, a few of us had similar issues earlier tonight.

Click GAMES at the top of this page, then game website, then GAME again at the top. Do NOT click play for free. For some odd reason, clicking play for free gives you a funky .exe file. But the other way works as it should.

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