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Can't dodge em all

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I was cruising around in my Nürnberg earlier, the game started slipping and by the end I had around 900k potential damage thrown at me so I'd say I dodged well enough but a few got through and


The not-so-little AP shell that could hit me in the citadel because it plunged through my deck (I think), luckily I lived but we lost due to points. None the less, I'm glad to see I'm dodging in cruisers better and just need to work on my aim, had like 400+ HE shells fired but only hit around 100-130 of them, and AP was less hits than fired by a considerable margin as well.

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You lack situation awareness........



Joke aside, Nurnberg and Konigsberg don't have armor. If you get hit, it's either full pen / citadel.

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