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Teamwork happens

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T10 game with 3 caps.  Entire team lemmings to A cap, including both DDs.  Only three ships on C flank, Neptune/Iowa/Conqueror(me).  Our three ships start heading to A, when I say in general chat “Neptune, if you go C the Conqueror will stay and fight with you”.  Neptune turns C, my Conqueror turns C, Iowa decides to stay and turns C.  Hard fight follows, our three ships are able to hold the flank despite enemy pushing with DD support, while he bulk of our forces in A smash their flank and secure B.  We win with all three caps and most of enemy ships sunk, good game.

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Don’t you just luv it when that happens?  It’s really magic. I’ve seen CA captains escort BBs for an entire match , just to provide anti aircraft support, DDs laying smoke for comrades in trouble and even taking tornadoes for teammates. 

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