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Looking for a particular WOWS vid, can you help?

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At some stage in the vid, I think at the opening, the Derpity-derp song plays. Then someone makes an incredibly long-range (possibly random) salvo shot, resulting in the target exploding.

The audio then exclaims "L-L-L-L-LUDICROUS KILL!!"

I have so many vids in my viewing history I can't find the blessed thing, and every guess just adds more to the front of the queue.

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I remember that one, took me a minute to recall which one. I think it's either a Jingles opening, or one of the very early ones by PhlyDaily. I think it's the latter, his Iowa vid.

Edit. Nope, it's not phly. It must be an opening by Jingles. Problem is he could have tacked it on to any vid, and he has a lot of WOWS videos. Hope this helps you.

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