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With regards to the Meltdown / Spectre fiasco, Javascript and this forum

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There is a possibility of Meltdown / Spectre arriving as a Javascript based attack, and rather obviously, the best way to prevent that, thus far, is simply disabling javascript.

However, this forum does not work, like at all, without javascript enabled. This means that you have to whitelist this site after disabling java, so that java does run on this site.



So, the question is: Can this site be made to work without Javascript enabled?

I know for a fact that other forums will still allow you to post things without javascript enabled, although it will leave you without any of the fancy functions. This site, you can't even "post" anything with javascript disabled, because the button for that is... You guessed it, javascript.

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Javascript has long been a vector for viruses and malware.  I've been using the "noscript" addon for firefox for years, along with ghostery  and others.  I just whitelist sites I find trustworthy, including this one.  No problems yet (knock on wood...)

The sites I'd be more concerned about would be the "mmo-leveling-gold-4-u-cheep" type sites, or (ahem) other sites.  That's a whole 'nother matter.


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