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FPS locking at 45 on powerful computer. (FIXED)

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So, I'm having an issue where my in-game FPS often drops and stays at 45. My monitor runs at 60 hz, and I've already tried going into engine_config and setting max_fps to 60 and then 120, with no apparent effect. It's not a game-breaking issue, but it's super annoying. I know it's not a hardware performance issue, since I'm running 8 gigs of ram, an i5-6600k, and a GTX-1070. I'll include a dxdiag as well.

I think it started since I had to swap SSDs and re-install windows, when that happened, I reinstalled WoWS through the Wargaming launcher instead of the old dedicated WoWS launcher. Is this a known issue? Should I try re-installing WoWS through the old launcher? Where can I get the old launcher?


Edit: Turns out that this crappy video game recording thing windows 10 automatically installs for some godforsaken reason was doing it. I was able to go into the registry editor and disable it, following these instructions.


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