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special reward crates

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I have noticed for quite some time now (months) that special crates awarded via campaigns or missions often do not animate or show up properly in the "containers" screen.  If I come back from a battle in which I earned one of these special crates, I often find the crate is invisible even when it is on deck and ready to be opened.  When I click open I will get the usual sound and the contents will display as normal, but the crate either stays invisible or suddenly becomes visible in its open state.

For the HSF Yamato mission, the crates were appearing like this:


They would open from there, as well.

This bug doesn't seem to affect daily containers, as the type has to be selected and then there is the animation of the container being delivered onto the deck.  Again, this only seems to affect containers awarded through missions or campaigns.

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Yeah, the whole crate animation thing has been wonky off and on from the beginning.

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