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Modifications Board Issues

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I have some questions about the Modifications Board.  A number of threads have disappeared without any kind of notification from the Modification Boards.  Specifically I know threads by myself, MrGrind, sFireWyevern and TheElusiveDenby have all fallen off the face of the forum.  Please note these are existing threads, most dating before the re-org, not new ones pending review.  My thread was a simple graphical updates of skins similar to Tanz and I do not believe it was breaking any Mod Board rules.  Is there some kind of auto trimming going on Mod Board that may be accidentally canning threads?

Also what is the review process for new threads?  After a week of effort I gave up on retrieving my old thread and started a new one but it has sat in Pending for over a week now.  Is there some type of expected timeline for approval?

I recognize there is a lot of work keeping this forum going, but this has been a very frustrating process.




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Thanks for posting this TheStarSlayer.  I'll add that I posted a new thread with my stuff in the Graphical Modifications section about a week ago, and it's been stuck in "Pending Approval" status ever since.

I honestly believe that my original thread was deleted by mistake.  My skins were basically the game's default textures, with some re-coloring in some areas and hull numbers added, so I don't see how anyone could argue that there was any sort of "objectionable/controversial content" in any of them.  It would be wonderful if the original thread (and all the nice comments people had left in it) could be recovered, but if not, could a mod please find time to approve the new one?  Or attempt to explain to me why not, and what could possibly be wrong with it?

Thanks for your attention on this.  :Smile_Default:

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