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Mouse cursor too small

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So I have a 4k monitor with a gtx 1080ti.  Because of the lack of support for scaling, I am forced to play at 1080p resolution for any semblance of normality of scale.

Problem I have run into is my mouse cursor still reacts like it is on a 4k resolution or anti-reacts, dunno.  What happens is my cursor in game is 1/4 the normal size, which makes it almost impossible to see during combat.


I found a program that adjusts my mouse to a much larger size, YoloMouse, and I use that to be able to play again.  Is this an illegal mod/program?


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No, the cursor is not a cheat.  I have a 4k and my 70 yr old eyes find 2560 x 1440 works well for this game and others.




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