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Switching from DX11 to DX9 in "Settings" seems to have fixed my freezes

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My WOWS client has been happily running for over two years, with minimal trouble, even after the last update. Today I played happily for a few games, then the computer hard locked with a blank screen and buzzing sound. This recurred every game thereafter, with seemingly increasing frequency until I was unable to spend more than about 30sec ingame. I tried installing the latest graphics driver, then uninstalled and reinstalled the game, to no avail.

Then I switched from DX11 to DX9 and turned down all the graphics settings to minimum, and played two games without trouble. Then I tried turning all the settings to Maximum, except antialiasing, and the game ran well. Then I turned MSSA to 4x and the game crashed in the settings dialog. I turned it off and have not had trouble since.

I have previously run 4x MSSA without trouble, and although my computer is old (6 years) it well exceeds the game requirements (3570K, 8GB, 390X).

Definitely there seems to be something borked with the game at the moment. I have notice 2-3 AFK players per game lately.

Hopefully this will help other people. I will continue to experiment with the graphics options to try to nail down a culprit setting, but DX9 and Low appears to be safe for me.

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I am also having the same problem. I have a Duo core 3.2Ghz with 8GB of ram and a 1GB DDR3 card in my PC, on the lowest settings I can't get above 10fps. I'm using the Low default, DX9, and have turned off sea effects and shadows. What's weird is my laptop is getting 35-40 on the same settings. The PC also eventually crashes every time I have run this game, the laptop has not. I have never had this issue on other games, so I don't know if the setup is really that old or it's something in the game.

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