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Furutaka never disappoints

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Early this morning I called upon Prinz Eugen for my dailys as well as to grind out the credits to get Zao. She performed well in the first battle, netting in a decent 90k dmg game. Though I was top teir so nothing to brag about there. Apart from that, the next 15 games with Prinz Eugen I continued to perform rather mediocrity so I decided to give her a break. 


Aoba was next in line since I wanted to play some of my older ships but she tripped on a few torpedo so hat idea died rather quickly. 


Then came my favorite Furutaka. I'm always nervous when playing her, since I don't like to see her get sunk. Anyways I jump into a battle with her forgetting to change out her camo and signal flags as I was using her for a photo shoot. For... personal reasons. 

Of course, as the WG's MM memes continue I'm up against tier sevens,. I spent the early battle bellyaching about more poor eyesight and basically sending Furutaka to fight in nice dress. She didn't seem to notice however. Moving along, we soon encounter Myoko (oh good). Now she's been having quite a good game and would in fact, place top on his team. Perhaps she was overconfident? Well anyways, she showed me way to much of her broadside and I hit her with seven 203 mm shells and Myoko very quickly disappeared off the map. 

Meanwhile our team continues to melt away as most of our top tiers decided to hide behind the bottom tiers with predicable consequences . Soon it's me and Furutaka, along with an Iron Duke and A Gneisenau. Our Genisenau who's been pretty useless to our team up to this point, finaly strapped on his man pants and along with the duke fought of 4 enemy DDs and a Colorado. 


As for me and Furutaka, we kept at bay a Konig, a Iron Duke and a Gulio landing a few torps and setting plenty of fires, with only the Italian knowing how to shoot.  In the blink of the eye, it was two against two from the original 3 against 6. 

And despite Furutaka and Iron Duke doing their very best, the enemy won on points. 




Still 121k dmg on a defeat top of the team while bing a lowly tier five? That's still a great game even for a tier X ship. A shoutout to my Argentinean friend, FrenetArmy who I made a in game division , had we had more time we would have won that game! 


Now I guess Furutaka was a little angry about that loss, or perhaps she wanted to redeem herself to me, though I would never ask her to do that. I lover her too much. The next game opens on Big Race, I guess MM wanted to be nice and game me a tier 5 game. 

I sail with my FrenetArmy acting as an escort as we talk about trivial matters, though his English was kinda weak or he just didn't like to talk and I found myself doing most of the talking. First Contact is made with a french warship and I start a game with a bang scoring an early citadel though the Frenchman manages to slip away. 

The first victim is an American Destroyer: A Nicholas. The poor guy burned to death.

Comming to think of it, almost all of my kills were on American ships....


and all but one was through Fire. 


Talk about history role reversal. 


I ran out of inspiration here's the stats. Kappa. 








Oh and did I mention she got me one of these?, Ha ha ha, Furutaka is such a good girl. 

That's why she will always be my favorite! 


Good Job, Fututaka, love you~ 

Until next time lads! Good luck on your own battles, see you on the open sea! 



And some people want to remove Furutaka... 




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1 hour ago, Incendiary_Tanker said:

Still 121k dmg on a defeat top of the team while bing a lowly tier five?

Personally I suck at managing to do such heavy damage; but I am often surprised at how high I place in team scores in uptiered ships...

Usually I'm grousing silently about 'Why don't you big boys/high tiers step up and freaking DO something; instead of just derping around showing your broadsides and catching torpedoes?!?'

Meanwhile; myself and another low tier or two are quietly moving about the map slowly collecting ribbons, then when the game finally ends; some ship like my Mutsuki, or perhaps another player in a Texas or Iron Duke, are all top scorers, and the Gniesenaus, and other such exalted ships are all dead and have predictably low scores.

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Hehe~ my sister. /^_\\ b

Awkward to use for a 1st timer but a damn good ship once you know the ropes 203mm at tier 5 never dissapoints .

A clan member challenge me to a 1v1 furutaka duel they almost had me till my secondary jammed their rudder after using their damacon on my 2 fires I got free cit hits onto their sides ftw. 

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Added additional stuff besides instead of just leaving a compliment

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2 hours ago, SinisterSe7en said:

Furutaka is truly a sleeping giant in most matches. Aggressive torpedo arcs and 200mm guns make a 1v1 a decent ordeal in most places. nicely done man.

Preach, preach!

I had 150k XP up on this ship BEFORE they gave it the updated Aoba-like 3rd hull. She was fun.

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The ship is good for T5 but her range ..... uh....


One of the good thing about this ship is her deck armor for T5. You can bounce all T5 BB shell.

Her guns are also great despite the range 

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It's pretty much a T5 Atago. That being said, I should play Furutaka more often. I definitely enjoyed her when she finally got her 1942 hull properly. Before that...jeez. It made the game hard. 

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