You are welcome. A lot of people want to recreate the Taffy 3 battle from Leyte Gulf, but it won't work with humans on both sides as it is too lopsided. So how about this for an weeks long operation like Dunkirk? Friday, October 25, 2019, would be the 75th anniversary of the battle, so there would be 22 months to work on it and you would use temporarily provided ships like for clan battles. Of course this would be the same month, so not sure if the Halloween story will be done by then.   You have 7 players like a normal operation and you use one of four ships, two temporarily provided for the operation (Bogue and Fletcher) if you don't already own it. The human team would then be broken down into following two or three parts for the battle.    Three Bogue CVs would be similar to the Casablanca class USS St Lo, USS Gambier Bay and USS Kalinin Bay from Taffy 3, with the exception of a little less AA, which is not a factor in this battle. For the operation, I would buff the hangers to have an unlimited plane load to simulate the land based and other task force carriers from nearby the battle. You would only have fighters and DBs on the CVs as they were there to support the fighting on shore and only 3 DB squadrons from each CV could fly at once. Only one fighter squadron could fly at once and they would go after spotter planes to shorten the range and the catapult fighters. (Figure #2 for ftr and #3-5 for DBs) I would also make the premium DC on the Bogue free for the event period.   Three Fletcher class DDs for USS Johnston, USS Hoel & USS Heerman. If the Smith or Samuel B Roberts are not available in queue, a fourth Fletcher would be put into the battle after a reasonable wait. They would not need DFAA for this battle and if possible, block DDs without smoke from entering battle. I would make the premium smoke, speed boost and DC free for the event.   The fourth 'DD', if in queue, would be Smith or Samuel B Roberts. Samuel would basically be a Smith with two 127mm guns, instead of the 76.2mm guns, and tweaked if necessarily to be a viable T2 new premium. It would be for sale at the beginning of the event or earned at the end like Vampire or Adm Graf Spee. Putting a bundle together with a 10 point captain would be nice. You would also have Smith for sale with 10 point captains as well. Only one Smith or Samuel would be in each team and sub another Fletcher if one doesn't pop into queue in time. Yes, Smith is not historical, but it is the closest to Samuel B Roberts in the game. If there was some way to buff the number of smoke and speed boost charges during the battle, that would help.     Now for the bad news for the Human team. This would be the bot lineup.   1 T10 Yamoto BB 1 T7 Nagato BB 2 T5 Kongo BBs 2 T8 Atago CAs  2 T8 Mogami CAs 1  T7 Myoko CA 2 T4 Kuma CLs 1 T10 Shimakaze 6 T9 Yagumos 4 T8 Kageros The extra Atago and both Kuma's would stand in for other ships not in the game, so that only one new ship model needs to be modified.   I would break the IJN into 4 waves. Wave 1 1 Mogami CA 1 Kuma CL 1 Yagumo DD 2 Kageros DD   Wave 2 1 Mogami CA 1 Kuma CL 1 Yagumo DD 2 Kageros DD   Wave 3 2 Kongo BB 1 Atago CA 1 Shimakaze DD 2 Yagumos DD   Wave 4 1 Yamato BB 1 Nagato BB 1 Atago CA 1 Myoko CA 2 Yagumos DD   If defeating all of them is too hard, then putting a repair ship to shadow the CVs would work as a balance I think. Depending on the time between the waves. Say 2-3 minutes for the players to initially position and then 3-4 minutes per wave as a SWAG. I would use an open map, so that the DDs will be smoking the CVs with minimal islands to hide behind. It is not as unbalanced as it appears as the IJN force only has it's own AA and catapult fighter planes to fend off the planes.    What do you think?   Edit: Well, the Samuel B Roberts is about the same size as the Wickes, so she could use that hull with visual modifcations to look like SBR. SBR has two 127mm guns instead of 4x1 102mm guns of the Wickes and 3x1 torps instead of the 4x3 of the Wickes. So still think it would be similar in power to the SBR, but still a T2 with 8,000ish hp and about the same speed.
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