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Terrible Lock up/Bug in both Random and Co-Op Battles

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Heya All! So after the recent Update on the 24th I've been having this issue that sometimes locks up the countdown on the loading screen (first pic). Meaning that it just sits there at 28's while the battle is commencing in-game. Another major issue that is preventing me to play any type of battle (even tutorial) is that; once a while it will count down and let me through, however, when it gets to the timer at the beginning of the battle, all I see is this (second pic). Everything, and I mean everything is really, really bugged out, heck I am even under the map! Also, I've noticed before entering battle that all the camo's are bugged out, like not showing how they are suppose to show on the ships. Other then that the Main Port is fine, however when I tried to go to battle on both Co-op and Random or Ranked, it either does this (First pic) or whatever is happening in the second Picture. Nothing I tried fixed the problem sadly. So not really sure what to do..

Other Issue.PNG


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Hi, looks like a rendering issue with the missing textures (either your hardware or a DirectX issue)...try a few things before submitting a ticket to WG.

-try altering your graphics settings to lowest 

-are you running in windowed mode? (depending on a particular games coding, windowed mode can be less efficient)

-drivers up to date?  

Could be a number of culprits ....heat, drivers, or memory leak

If you can't find the issue through trial and error, or diagnostics by all means submit a Ticket HERE

When you do, furnish your screen shots with all of your system information Software and Hardware, as well as everything you have tried to remedy the situation


Good Luck!  o7



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There have been a few bugs that trigger at random times even with optimal hardware and running graphics on lowest settings and turning off trees.

It can freeze loading, or sometime during battle, or at end of battle, or even in port.

Also can make app quit, or put you back to log in screen, or have a crash message show up. Any of these things can happen in place of the freezes and has been totally erratic depending on the day since it's worse on some days and better on others.

I highly suspect problem lives in the server load since it seems more common the higher the player population online gets.

I have ruled out processing power on my end by checking connections and hardware on my end, and also interesting to note is some of the more intense fire fights I have managed to get into can have all 24 ships packed into shockingly small area with smoke, toroedoes, and hundreds of shells in the air and hitting  ships and water and the game will run smooth as silk.

But be on a more simplistic map like Tears  of the Desert and be a way from the action for a moment to regenerate my HP and freeze, crash...


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Just had another lock out tonight at the start of battle..  That's two days in a row.  And no it's not my internet nor laptop.  I have a highspeed data commercial feed, and I have an ASUS gaming specialist computer....WG needs to fix this ...competitor games don't have issues like this that persist for days on end....

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