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[SKDSH] Skadoosh Inc. Now Recruiting Players for Clan Wars!

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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of WOWS! We are a group that formed after a successful push in Season 1 of Clan Battles and reformed as a new independent clan. We are Skadoosh Inc. and are actively recruiting new players to join in our escapades. Our Core Priorities are:


  1. Teamwork - we care about the results of the game vs. your individual stats at the finish. Do your job, and work together. That’s us in a tactical nutshell.

  2. Development & Goals - we can all get better, regardless of skill level. It’s fulfilling to watch people grow and improve. You might not be playing in our most competitive matches and games to start with in our ranks, but you will get better, have a few laughs with this group and earn your place among the best.

  3. Environment - this is a place of foul-mouthed (guys and girls) that game for the relaxation and enjoyment of it. While we love winning, we care more about interacting and having a good time with each other week in and week out.


All of us founding members have been playing warships as early as release, some even since cbt and alpha! We are looking for other like-minded players who are mature, posses a good attitude and sportsmanship, and have a great sense of humor. Competitive play (i.e. Clan Battles, Ranked, etc.) is our primary objective, but that comes with a lot fun and ridiculousness while smashing citadels across the map! We run on TeamSpeak3 and having it is MANDATORY for acceptance! Listed below will be the general requirements for acceptance, however we will review applications on a case-by-case basis and may accept members who are enthusiastic about learning and working to improve.


Our TS3 address is Skadoosh-inc.teamspeak3.com so feel free to stop by and ask any questions you may have or message anyone who is a recruiter or higher in-game. We partner with another clan (The Deadly Abyss) for social events/training so make sure to specify you are looking for us! For those who meet requirements but need help installing TS3 we will be happy to assist you as well!


[SKDSH] General Requirements For Admittance


  • 18+ with a working mic (TeamSpeak is our default comm program. Can’t work together if we can’t talk!)

  • Our current players have:

    • Played at least 2k random battles

    • 35k average damage per battle or higher

    • Minimum win rate of 49.5%

    • Frags per Battle "F/B" of .60 or higher

    • Diversity of ships/playstyles

    • Primarily based in EST/CST timezones

  • Be available for participation in clan battles or group play 3 nights a week or whenever possible. Real life comes first so we use that as a guideline for how often you can expect to see others!

  • Tier X ships are a requirement for participation in our competitive games with a generally statistically good performance record

Ready and willing to be a "team player" rather than a "solo warrior"


Even if you don’t meet all the requirements stated above, don’t let that stop you. We are looking for personality and potential above and beyond stats! Happy sailing, and may Dasha and the RNG Gods guide your shells/torps to the citadels of the enemy!


Command Staff

- Safetybunny "Commander"

- Hyponotini "Deputy Commander"

-admrialsexybeast "Recruiter"

-Wardog_0o "Recruiter"



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      7 hours ago, Safetybunny said:

35k average damage per battle or higher

  I am very much interested as the reason I joined Foxeh is because a few of my friends are in it and was hoping we would do clan battles . Well we managed ; ONCE ; to get enough people to play and then only had time enough for 4 battles (they also use Discord which I seem to have problems with) . I have TS3 and meet all of your requirements other then the one I quoted . And that is the one I am trying to get better at but it has been slow going for me to do alone with out someone to advise and show me how to do better (and is slowing taking my win rate down) . 

  What I can offer the clan is that I have every tech tree ship researched to elite status ( I just finished the PA DD line two weeks ago and the tier 10 is my new tier 10 in port ) . I have 260+ million credits and lots of commanders in reserve to be able to buy any tech tree ship and fit it out if I need to . I have 17 , 19 skill point commanders right now (two in reserve as I do not have any French or British ships in port right now)  and a 15 point IJN commander in reserve . The others in reserve are 10 pointers from every country but Polish . I have only 18 ships in port , mostly premium and all tiers 1 to 10 .  Tier/# of : 1/1 ; 2/2 ; 3/1 ; 4/1 ; 5/3 ; 6/3 ; 7/2 ; 8/2 ; 9/2 ; 10/1 . I am working on getting 3 more commanders to 19 points  ; Anshan(premium) 10 points currently (PA tier 5 DD) ; Giulio Cesare(premium)  11 points currently ( Italian tier 5 BB ) and YueYang 18 points currently (PA tier 10 DD) . I am retired due to disability ( Rheumatoid Arthritis which is baddest in my hands and neck and makes being a cook or glorified ditch digger kind of hard {never mind driving as I can not keep a good grip on anything now a days } ) so have no set schedule and can thus be online almost anytime required subject to doctors appointments .

 One other thing ; I do not play CV's as the micro-managing is not something I do well at along with the problems of my hands .

 I welcome you to look up anything you want to about me and ask any questions you might have .


 I sent this to your Commander also .

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