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Coast Guard Eyes Leasing Jail Ship to Hold Detainees

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Interesting article. I knew we picked up a lot of smugglers and migrates, but didn't know it was enough that they would need a ship to hold.

Of course I was laughing at this little bit:

"a former Coast Guard attorney who called the ships "floating Guantanamos" and detailed conditions that are often cramped and sometimes frigid aboard the service's cutters."

"Go below deck and look at where my crew is berthing," Zukunft(CG Commandant) said. "The living conditions in any prison system in the United States [are] better than the berthing areas in my 52-year-old ships. We are operating out of prisons."


I have heard many a tale about how bad the berthing is on the Hamilton class. Makes the 7 man berthing on the Bay class sound like a dream. Question for my fellow Coasties, Sailors, and Marines; How bad was your berthing?

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The author does have a point, the prison system is very kind to criminals in their living conditions. The poor, homeless and those at sea suffer far worse living conditions on a regular basis 

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with the proviso that when you're not incarcerated, you can leave. ....I haven't been to jail, but I've been 5150d plenty, and while that's club med compared to prison, those doors lock, and you lose your freedom. ....it's not the same at all.

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