With all the recent discussions about PVE/Co-op it brought back to mind the various threads posted by PVE mains with ideas to improve/enhance the mode for those who play it. One of the things I always thought would be kind of cool is if they came up with some achievements for Co-op. Not mirrors of existing ones but rather some tailored to fit the mode. Every mode in the game BUT Co-op has them. While I know fully well this will not be seen in a good light by some is it really such a horrible thing to do? It would be something for the Co-op players to work for and achieve.  Anyway I was bored today and felt like messing with it. Just threw a quick little list together with some samples and ideas. The awards can be made to look totally different so there is no confusion with other modes (why I used shields)and we don't need a ton of them. I actually came up with 12. 8  Standard and 4 Valiant (play off Heroic). Some are modifications of regular Random ones and a few are new/different. With over 5K Co-op games played in every tier I kind of have an idea by now what is hard/rare to do there. With that said feel free to offer changes or even your own ideas and I will try and incorporate them. Again, just something extra for the Co-op crowd. They could be shown on the players profile page under Co-op with a new Achievments category added like there is for Random. That keeps them seperate from those and there is no confusion. WG has recently begun to improve on Co-op for us and I would like to see some kind of achievement system added like all the other modes have.  Not to brag or anything just for personal goals and fun like they are in PVP. No big rewards (ie; flags) need be given for getting them either. Heck no reward is fine. Just for S&G's I set it so Standard ones got you 2 flags and the Valiant ones got 5. Just a little something extra. Now be nice... Content Edited/Updated 01/29/2018