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im hacking???? apparently!

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Best fun yet lol and i was using 20km torps mind you they camped on the south side of A I just used the edge of the map on the far left side of A got behind them and torped the living hell out of everyone back there.

About the team kill one i shot those torps 15km's out more then plenty of warning not to mention i yelled it in team chat to avoid them and he still eats it 966 hp left but he still ate it he was ok with it i was like alrright good game brah :P i was aiming for a Missouri which he dodged which killed our Missouri instead. other then that lol back door anyone?




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I love red teams that do the 'fishball defense' when I'm in the Shima. Just lob them in their general direction--15 at a time .

P.S. Love the fuschia deck, that's very special. ;)

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