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WoW causing Hard computer Lock-up

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l have notice a lot of AFK players in rank this season.... At first I thought it was just retarded players who for whatever reason would load into the match queue, then go take a 30 min nap, poop, go to store, have relations with their sheep, anything besides playing the match.

But since the update the came out today, I now believe it's mostly players who are crashing out of the game . Before today I'd crashed out of a rank match 1-2 times this season, but was able to load right back in.

After this patch that came out today (or at least I loaded first time I signed on today) I play a few match after the update this morning, but when I went to play this evening, First 2 times, I loaded game, selected rank, loaded into match and within 30 seconds after it started computed locked up both times. Since then I can't even get game to load. As soon it starts to load from the launcher, computer locks up ..... So I'm think its more a update issue that is causing my computer lock-ups..

I've ran a few other games to check if computer would lock up running those.. But neither did. So I believe it is caused by the update. If anybody has had this problem and found out how too get back up and playing let me know...



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A good lesson to take away from this would be to not think the worst of your player base friends whenever they seem to be having trouble ... ?

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