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Ain't nothin' specific

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Ain't nothin' specific

A parody of "The General Specific" by Band of Horses



If the Ranked season at hand is really getting you down
If your back's to the wall
But you don't even see it, just understand
I don't hardly matter at all

What the unicums say, it means crap to me now
Stats are meaningless, best you remember to just play for fun
Red aint' the end of the world now, what's going on?
Only for you to see

With a showing of hands, who's going back to our roots?
We're gonna brush off that tier three
And drive it like we're having a bender in a lightning storm
It's disguised as a blessing I'm sure

Playing this game, there comes a fork in the road
Obsession's gotta go
Just have fun like it's the Fourth of July
It's not the end it's the ride when your growing old

In time you'll find a little peace in your heart
Just do the general now, ain't nothin' specific
Gonna rest my bones and play some Warships tonight
Just play for fun and you will see

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