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Wargaming hurry up with US cruiser tree split

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13 hours ago, Ochosinko said:

CLE at T6, is the best all round ship for the operational scenarios, what will replace the CLE AA?


13 hours ago, renegadestatuz said:

Pensacola is being dropped to tier 6 on the heavy line and Dallas will be tier 6 on the light line.


12 hours ago, Kizarvexis said:


Here is a break down on the new US CLs.




Dallas appears to have 2x2 127 AA guns and I'm sure it will have 40mm and 20mm AA guns as well. I highly doubt it will be near the Cleveland in AA, so Pensacola would probably be the better bet for a US AA boat in OPs.


The T9 Seattle CL looks to be a fun AA boat. Sounds like a Cleveland with dual purpose main 6in guns like the Atlanta has DP 5in main guns. Too bad that there are no T9 OPs as I bet this will do a number on bot planes.



Found new to me info on the T6 CL Dallas and T9 CL Seattle. This is from Nov 2017.



The bottom spoiler tag has the info on T6 CL Dallas, T9 CL Seattle and T9 CA Buffalo.


TLDR Dallas looks to be a mini-Cleveland, Seattle looks to be a Cleveland with DP main guns and Buffalo looks to be upgraded Baltimore with torpedoes

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