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Suggestion- Premium ships, ship names

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Two suggestions. The second one should be easy and low impact.  You may think it is too late for the first but I think it could still be done- just leave existing premiums as they are but don't create any new unique premium ships.

Idea 1- For premium ships, rather than buy a ship that is premium I'd rather be able to pay to make any ship in my fleet premium.  Let's say that I'm a low tier player and I love the US Cruiser St Louis and want to make that a premium.  I could pay whatever WG decides is a good price for a premium Tier III cruiser and then that ship gets all the premium benefits (no captain retraining, lower repair cost, increased captain XP, premament cammo, etc).

Why do this? Many reasons:

  1. Game balance easier- fewer ships to balance
  2. No player perception of "pay to win".  The only thing that changed about the ship is it's economic bonuses
  3. The ships a player really love and want to keep can become their trainers/income earners etc.
  4. Premiums can exist at whatever tier and class a player needs at that moment
  5. Players cannot instantly buy their way to a high tier ship and suffer crushing defeats, drag their team down, etc.
  6. Fewer ships to code- free up development time for other things.
  7. Less complexity trying to figure out how to make a one-off premium ship different
  8. Less community flaming/debate over differences among ships.
  9. There will never be another premium ship that new players cannot get a hold of because it was removed from the store.

Idea 2- Ship name choices.  I'd like to be able to choose any of the historical names for the class of ship I have.  For instance, I live near Oakland CA, perhaps I want to rename my Atlanta class Cruiser the USS Oakland.  Just add a menu that displays the historical ship names for that class to choose from.  In game maybe you do something like USS Oakland | Atlanta rather than just "Atlanta".  If you want to take this a step farther you could change the ship skin to include it's name and ship number.

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I like Idea 2. I was thinking of the DMS Caine (but it is a Clemson Class Destroyer), and Captain Queeg...sadly Bogart's voice is unavailable unless you MOD in his rants from the movie.


I like Idea 1 also.


I would like to add an idea...maybe I am late to the game but, WW1 ship campaigns might be fun.

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