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What's your comfort ship.

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I did a search of the topic. I'm the only one to list the Izyaslav. Shame on you all! You don't know what you're missing out on!

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Comfort ship thread disguised as a brag thread... :Smile_teethhappy:  Anyway, I know I'm not great in it, and contrary to popular opinion... I love playing Duke of York, even in tier 9 games where I can set BBs on fire and get lots of damage, lol.  That and Bismarck.  Find them really fun to play, and that's my definition of comfort.  I think Fushun will be another good one once I get Concealment Expert trained on its captain.

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On 1/26/2018 at 4:56 PM, Fog_Battleship_NCarolina said:

What's the ship you play when you're having a bad night that you know you will always win in?

When teams get basically unplayable I take to the skies in my CVs so I can better control the battle by taking out what are likely main threats to my teams, providing competent fighter support in the skies, and spotting enemy ships in the hopes that maybe my team can decide to shoot at the enemy.

Plus if my teams are really bad odds are at least of the enemy ships will be clueless about the importance of equipping ships with AA...

Lol when kids are in school on weekdays I stay with surface ships since enemy ships at those times do carry stringer AA as well as knowing how to take evasive action.

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