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Stat Capping no more?

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Very simple request.

Can we have the ratings to ship stats, (Survivability, Artillery, AA Defense, Torpedoes, Aircraft, Maneuverability, and Concealment) no longer be capped to 100?
It is clear that, especially with ship customization, that players can achieve stats higher then 100, which then creates a problem when comparing ships who are both capped out in the same stat.
Also, it causes conflict with threat assessment. If a CV player cannot tell the difference between a player of 101 AA defense rating and a player with 115 AA defense rating, that is a significant difference in threat to their aircraft.

Now, I know it is largely presumed by players that these are made up numbers, but I know for a fact that their is mathematical formulas that the game uses to create these numbers, they are not just arbitrary numbers an employee makes up for a ship's abilities. A friend of mine has in fact figured out the formula for AA rating calculation, so that there is a process all of these numbers are mathematically calculated, but they get artificially capped at 100.

Now, a slip up seems to have occurred, in that there was no ship in the game capable of reaching a 100 on Artillery rating, until the upcoming french battleships were introduced, showing that no number cap had been added to the calculation as it had been previously impossible to reach 100. Battleship France, as she appears in the current client, the client is calculating her Artillery rating as being 101. Which I have no doubt when the french battleships become live, if this cap removal is not implemented, that the Artillery category will also get capped to 100.
France in the client now:
(I am using a tech tree extension mod to view ships which are otherwise un-view-able to the regular player, a legal mod last i checked) 


I have asked around. And as far as I can tell from my position (I am head admin of the largest group for WoWS on facebook, with 25,500 members) Players have 100% agreed with my opinion that there should be no number cap, to what a ships stats are. Ratings should be representing the ships performance in a particular category, and when you artificially cap it at 100, that number is now mis-representing the ships capabilities.

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The only thing that's changed is the display. Previously you could get statistics to be over 100 just like now, but it would only display 100.

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