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Tales from the DogPound: Episode 4

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Episode 4:


                Skip                     Butkuss                                               Pipi                                                 Lester "The Cat"


A recap from Episodes 1-3.

  We escaped the pound that night with help from a guard and took a cat Lester. Skip, Butkuss. Pipi, the cat, myself and 200 runaways. We left the pier we had ran to in Galveston Bay. We go back behind the butcher shop, grab some scraps and head back to the crawlway under the boarding house. Bed down all the dog and pups.

  "Okay cat, you said you had a plan." I say. "Yea, we saw about a hundred ships in port tonight right?" "We get on those ships." He says.

   We get out from under the crawlway and climb up the steps of the boarding house. Us three dogs just stare at the cat. "Did I hear you right? We are just going to walk down the pier, walk up the gangplank and onto ships and for what?" Butkuss asks. Pipi's eyes are bugging out and she starts shaking. "Hang with me Ghost and hear me out ok." Cat says.

  "This is a far fetched plan I admit. We become those sailor mascots, two per ship." The three of us are still staring at the cat in total disbelief. I can't even fathom what the cat is talking about. Skip and Butkuss are all ears though. Pipi, well she's hanging.

   "We get on those ships and be great mascots." "No barking at stupid crap, peeing on the floor, chewing on shoes or personnel items of the crew. I stress this though, at all times mind their commands and wag your tails. That will show obedience within our crew which will be needed later as we train up. We watch the sailors, learn how they work and interact. We learn everything we can. When each group gets back to port they fill out a report." "Train up?" Skip says.

  "A report" I say. "And to who and where?" I ask the cat. "I'm working on that ok Ghost." "I'll work out the pairings on the ships and run it by you with you're permission sir ok." A silence lays over us. Cat says "Ghost, we need to help those guys out there." "Cat, we are a bunch of stray dogs and a cat, what can we do?"

   "Working on that Ghost, I'm formulating a plan." Cat smiles at us, licks his face and goes to lay down with the pups. "Well guys what do you think?" I ask the others. We all kind of laugh for a moment.

    Butkuss spoke first as he stood up and shook, turned and said, "Guys for what it's worth, this beats where we are at. I'm all in period. You three are my best friends and I trust the Cat."

    Skip replies "Yea I'm in Ghost. Don't know where this is going to take us. Been beside you in that pound for months and we broke out." "I have a lot of respect for cats now though."

    Pipi looked at the three of us. Now She is extremely smart and well bred. "Guys, my point of view if you don't mind." "Do you guys know that some of the greatest animal hunters are of the cat breed? Lions, Tigers and Panthers." "The Egyptians worshiped cats and took them into battle in their chariots." "I say we take advice from the Cat."

To be Continued


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