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CV player looking for clan

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Hi Everyone, 

My name is Trollphoon (LordTyphoon from the SEA server). I am from Sydney, Australia. 

Availability: My timezone is UTC +10, so I will be online on weekends on NA Friday evenings and Saturday evenings (NA time). Unlikely online during evenings on Sunday - Thursday (NA time), since I'll be at work here in Sydney. 

What I'm after: I'm looking for a clan with similar playing abilities to myself to division-with on the NA server. I can speak fluent (Australian) English. I mostly play for fun, but if a certain level of competitiveness is needed, I'll be right there with you.

Primary Ships: I plan to play mostly carriers on NA. At the moment I only have a Saipan in port, but I am looking to go up both CV lines. 

Other Ship Lines I plan to play: British CAs, German DDs. 

Communication: I have Discord. 

Credentials: My stats are here:

https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1027622436,Trollphoon/ Win rate is 80% at time of writing. Mainly playing Saipan. 

https://asia.wows-numbers.com/player/2012608192,LordTyphoon/ Win rate is 55% overall, last 90 days at 60-62%. Comfortable playing all classes, I own ALL Tier 10s on SEA except for Shimakaze, YueYang, Henri, Midway, and Hakuryu. 

Please message me if we can mutually benefit from me being in your clan. 

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Take a look at Sun-Tzu Warriors [STW].  Website: www.suntzuwarriors.com  We use teamspeak for voicecoms.

We are a large clan, with a wide range of players -- from top players on the server to just casual friendly guys.  I'm sure you can find a place where you can fit in.

As for me, I'm a cv main on the NA and EU servers, with Saipan-centered accounts on the SEA and CIS servers as well.  I think we may have a lot in common :-)

Whatever you decide, good luck!


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Hey bud, seems like you might fit in well with FOXEH. We're fun loving, laid back, but able to fight for our own if need be. :)


To be perfectly honest, we're not too worried about stats, so you're more than welcome to join us regardless of what your current stats are, be they super unicum or ultra-potato. As long as you enjoy the game and dont get super salty over the little things in game, you'll fit in just fine.


Shoot me up on the forums via PM if you're interested in joining! =D

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Hey Trollphoon, 


you might be interested in Black Widow Company. We have some very good CV players, but we can never have too many. We are also an international clan with most NA, many EU and some ozzie players, basicly meaning we have activity going on around the clock. 
Take a look at our recruitment thread for more info about us through my sig.



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