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In praise of the Derski

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IJN, USN, and German DD driver.  Tired of getting bit by dds that I don't know so exploring other dd lines (I've also started on the Phra Ruang and ShenYang - they are fun).

Am loving how fun the Derski is when up against cruisers and BBs.  The rain of torps that you can send out if you can get close enough is stunning!

Am also learning why I need to kill it when I'm in my Clemson beyond it's 4.0 km torp range (been bitten before).

Great little ship!

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Right after the Soviet DD line dropped, IChase ran a contest to see who could score the most torpedo hits in a single Derski game.  My first effort:



I didn't even finish in the top 3. :Smile_sad:

And yes, that was 15 torpedo hits.  On two battleships.  With one kill.  But man was it fun! :Smile_teethhappy:


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I alternately love and hate my Derzki. If I can get close enough to the enemy, I love it. If not, I hate it.

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