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Tales from the DogPound: Episode 3

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Tales from the DogPound : Episode 3

   So if anyone hasn't read Episode 1 and 2. Small update ok. Skip, Butkuss, Pipi, the cat Lester, myself and a bunch of inmates escaped the pound.

  "Sir", the cat says as we look out over the ships in the Port of Galveston. "My plan, if I may." Now I don't like cats per se. I'm a dog. But this cat seems very cunning and trustworthy. I look at Skip and Butkuss and they have that let's listen to what he says he says look. "Ok, go ahead" I say. 

   "We need to find a safe place first, to hide." "I saw a boarding house that was up on bricks while we were escaping with a perfect crawl space underneath where we could go to for laying low." "Go on I say." "Second, there were cats and dogs on the porch which would indicate the owners were sympathetic to uh well, our kind." "Our kind" I say. "Well yes sir, no home and all."

   "Geez cat maybe a couple of us but there's over a hundred misfits, strays and puppies here." "What about food and water I ask?" Well sir, did you notice the alley way we ran down while escaping?" "Cat, I was running too fast to notice anything." "There was a butcher shop a block away from the boarding house and they were disposing of scraps in the back. Also there's a pond nearby for water" he says.

   "Next, see all these ships?" "Yea I see them." "Well there are over 100 ships out there. You know what those sailors like?" he says. Butkuss replies "yea, broads, liquor and gambling."

   Cat gives a sly smile, licks his paw, wipes his face and says "those boys like mascots and pets." The four of us stare at the cat. I'm starting to like him, a lot. I can see where he's going with this. I smile and shake my head. Look over at Skip, Butkuss and Pipi. Skip is wagging his tail. Butkuss gets up laughing and goes to talk to talk to the others. Pipi's eyes are about to bug out of her head, tongue hanging out.

  "Well cat, what now?" I say. "Sir I recommend sliding by the butcher shop, grab some food and bedding down for the night." "Butkuss, Skip I yell." "Gotcha Ghost, we heard."

   Cat and I sat there a moment, look at each other and I tell him "Cat, I think I'm going to need your help here ok." He turns and look at all the dogs being led off. Looks at me and says "Ghost you got us out" and runs off down the pier to help Skip. Butkuss trots up to me. We turn and start walking down the pier behind everyone else. He's much bigger than I but a lot softer hearted. His cell was right beside mine, Skips and Pipi's at the pound. "Ghost, you trust the cat?" "Yea, I do" I reply. "So do I. Whatever happens this beats the crap out of prison."

To Be Continued.....



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