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WOWS playable at 0.7.x with the following practices

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After reviewing various post from Mac users, I seem to have a few workarounds for some of the Mac users who play WOWS with great difficulty:

A.  The delay in gun firing (which can be up to 10 seconds):  one player reported that hitting control-X a few times periodically keeps the game from doing this during a match--I tried it and it seems to work.

B.  The annoying issue of the view following the shell or torpedo thus rendering navigation impossible:  I found that hitting the "M" key 2 times break the view away from the projectiles and allows you to see the normal view with the shells or torpedoes heading to to the target while you can navigate the ship.  You still have to use the mouse wheel to fire but at least you have access to torpedoes again without being unable to navigate for up to 60 seconds.

C.  Turn the game off and restart it periodically during breaks.  This seems to help stop the frequent, unwanted logouts every time the match ends.

D.  Lastly, and this is something WOWS needs to think about, the logout issue seldom happens when you play TIER 4 OR BELOW.  So I am not going to play above this level.  This does mean no more desire for high tier premiums or entry into competitions like Rank since you have to play from Tier 6-8 with those items.  Clans gaming is out since that is Tier 10. The game is too unstable for Mac Wrapper to handle this.

It is just as well that I have a good selection of Tier 1-4 ships to play with.  Tier 5 starts to get marginal if the the ship is stuck on a large map with Tier 6 and above ships.  Running those maps may be contributing to the instability but that is just a hypothesis.

Enjoy the modified gaming Mac users !   Astrosaint


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