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Ship Line Posters for Wall Art

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Was looking through Ebay for some decorations for my game room....   Looked up WOWS Posters....

None of these are what I'm looking for.  I see they all have the WOWS logo and are made in Hong Kong.


What I'd like to buy are wall posters of the various ship lines, with basic ship data and history blurb.  T10 at the top, lowest tier at the bottom.

Example being the US CV line, or the IJN battleship line, or the German cruiser line.  Perhaps with the release of new ship lines.

Just an inspiring glance at the ship grind would be nice.  And it's helpful to explain to guests as well.

Maybe a big 24"x36" large or 40"x60" movie poster of all the ship lines (with reduced data and no history) with the year on the bottom.

How many would buy it?  -- Marketing research --  Note that they would need to be purchased about every year.


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I think it would be a great idea to get some wall prints for the game, though the ones on there look good too. A bit of history would be really cool for guests to read when they come into your gaming room

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