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Random Thoughts on Swings and Higher Tier Play

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First, no real point to this post so if you're looking for insights into the universe, best move on. You've been warned.

On swings in play:

Statistically, I understand the variability inherent in multiplayer games of this sort. Still, understanding doesn't mean you are immune to thoughts of conspiracy and superstition. The end of December and the start of January were the worst sort of grinds for me. I had to put in maximum effort to eke out wins. Lots of screw ups early game with lots of early game departures. I managed to keep the win rate about .500 but it was an incredibly, not-particularly-enjoyable, grind of grinds. A very "why am I bothering? This isn't fun." kind of grind. 

Then comes this past week. Can't seem to lose. Topped with a 9/10 run with a 90k+ average damage in my last 10 games. Yeah, yeah, small sample size is small. I told you, I get that. 

Now part of it might be that I unlocked the joy that is the Fletcher but that's not it entirely. 

There used to be threads in WoT about "special code" in the matchmaker that deliberately messed with your games to cause bad runs. I never gave it much credence, not because it wasn't possible but because I couldn't figure out how it would benefit WG. And WG is a very self-centered organization. Now I'm wondering if it wouldn't be worth a bit more investment in the matchmaker to smooth out the swings. Honestly, I have NO idea how such a thing could be done. All I know is my interest in this game is waning (again) and all it's going to take is a string of "grindy" matches to make me take a (another) break. To be clear, it's not difficulty I'm talking about. I believe my results show I can handle that. It's more of an intangible. There's a difference between losing and winning/losing in a grindy way. Apologies, as I know I'm not being clear. 

Anyway, thoughts on that?


Second, on high tier play:

Another thread got me thinking about this. I used to HATE tier 10 play in WoT. I was a medium tank main and the risk/reward ratio was, in my opinion, stupidly broken. The opportunities to be one shot were huge given all the artillery and death star tank destroyers. I was a good player but lacked the discipline to camp for 3/4 of a match waiting for one side or the other to break down. 

Now that I'm finally entering the higher tier play in WoWs, I find I don't have the same reaction. Yes, bad decisions will get you punished in high tier WoWs play, but it doesn't feel like it's so certain or so final. Perhaps being a destroyer main affects that. 

I have to be fair to WG and state that I feel they've done a better job in WoWs with the high tier play than in WoT, whatever other failings they may have. 


Just some idle thoughts on a Thursday. 


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2nd Thoughts first...

The death stars and artillery have been mitigated a bit in WoT, so there is that as artillery now serves as a debuffing support role.  But the game play I will agree is very punishing as being tracked in a bad spot means death.


On your first thoughts...

While it is easy to fall victim of a bad run, I do believe that it is random.  If the MM took into account everyone's streak and adjusted for it...that's a lot of tinkering it would have to do in order to balance it out.  Too much for it to actually make sense.


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One thing that I think people are overlooking right now is that there appear to be a LOT of new players in the  game.  So if you're playing mostly mid tier battles, you're probably at risk of seeing lots of these new players, who are quite likely to not understand the mechanics, or other  basics, and may not have quite as much of a competitive nature as WoWS veterans.  And such players may also be a bit more prone to making bad decisions that cause them to die more quickly, as opposed to veteran players who understand that sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, and that retreating to save your ship and healing up (if you can) is a smart thing to do.

Of course, there's also the missions that have been going on.  And while I don't discount them as a reason, I think that they're in second place behind a large influx of newbies.

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