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My 5 years with WG

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So I looked at my profile today and noticed yesterday was me and wargamings 5 year anniversary together. It's weird to think I started using wargaming products back when I was 13, but dear lord has it been a ride. Thousands upon thousands of dollars have been poured into my account, countless forum posts (the thousand I have hear is a lot for me), waaaaayyyyyyy too many battles played and hours put in; but honestly I enjoyed it. As unbalanced as WoWs and WoT are we continue to play them bc their fun, and while the developers judgement at times is questionable they do seem to truly care about the games and want to make them fun. So ty WeeGee for half a decade of entertainment.

(No I don't plan on quiting)


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Yup being playing wows since the start obt, was in WoT for around 2 yrs before switching over after ages of looking for a game where you can actually shoot and bomb ships in ships while having full control(excluding AA and secondary guns) of something like a massive battleship at your fingertips I don't plan on leaving the game for good anytime soon either.

 I accept that WG, like my weekend/holiday teams isn't always flawless give the variable scope of opinions on premium ships and patches. But it won't shoo me away... out of all the online games I played in my lifetime I find myself to be most successful in WoWs not just cause of the game but many people I met over the course of being apart of the forum community. /^_\\

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