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SAIPAN-Pay to Win Ship

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I love how when someone points out that a ship like the Saipan is OP, the only argument anyone has is "But a bad Saipan player will get [edited] by a good CV player no matter what". Yeah, well what if the Saipan is a good player too...... More often than not I see our CV get clubbed by Saipan who just never let them catch their fighters but then come running back in when the strikes need an escort. And the ability to strafe out of a fighter lock without losing anything means you can't strike anything near the fighters, and with that fighter squadrons  many they can essentially be everywhere. Good ol WG at it again.

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56 minutes ago, DrHolmes52 said:

A year old thread for a 6 day subject.

Not only a necro thread, but one that will be completely irrelevant in less than a week. Really no clue why this of all threads was resurrected.  

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